ABCity is a program for schoolchildren (12-17 years old) built on the principal ‘new events, new roles, and new games every day.’ It based on the action role play which our game-creators prepare during the whole year. They create the idea, elaborate the plot and select stock. In 2005 there was a role play with the elements of magic from ‘Day Watch’. In 2006 there was “Dune’ based on a space fiction. In 2007 there was “Other World” based on the famous film about vampires. In 2008 there was the game “Scratch Paper” based on the book by Sergey Lukyanenko. In 2009 there was “Treasure Hunt”. In 2010 there was "Capsule from the Future". And in 2011 there was "Tommorow. When the war began" 

Also in the program:

  • enormous number of sports and outdoor games which we update every year.
  • interesting creative contests and theatrical performances.
  • foot tapping dances on the beach.

 At the end of each season a new role play ‘Zarnitsa’ is held. ‘Zarnitsa’ is a unique live-action project with its legend and laws.

Rest in ABC City is not only interesting but also useful. Every morning campers have classes with the best teachers of the ABC language center. The classes are planned in a playful form and do not have anything to do with boring cramming at school.

If you are looking for something interesting and extraordinary this summer, ABC City is waiting for you!

 Role-play game “Anticivilization – way to freedom”, 2012

The title speaks volumes. According to the plot the players wreck and find themselves on a desert island absolutely unsuitable for living: the remains of water found after the shipwreck might last out only for ten days. In the meantime the players are due to make a dangerous trip, full of adventures and trials, to the other side of the island where the help is waiting for them. To do this task is not that simple: it is necessary to display acumen and the will to the victory. In addition, almost every participant will play his/her own role of a cartographer, a spy, a keeper, a doctor, a man with weapon, a defender… Every new day brings a new sequence of quests and riddles, solving of which the team gets the right of choice – which way they should stick to. Would it be a long and exhausting way or a fast and very dangerous one – everything is resolved on-site. It’s your choice!



Kate (Kewpie - the pupsik)

ABCity camp is the best place on Earth!! Here are the best leaders and everything's cool. It's really awesome place.

What else can I say? That's the place where you can find new friends. The leaders are soooo good!! I give five for food! But the best thing here is "zarnitsa". No one has ever disciplined us that way before. The camp is AWESOME!


It would be more fun if we had more entertaining stuff. How about having water games? Would be cool if we could ride on catamarans.

Generally I don't regret that I came to that camp. I really liked it. Everything, entertainment and leaders, were great! But the best thing here for sure was "zarnitsa!"


Leaders (Lyosha, Misha, Vanya) are cool! Atmosphere is friendly! People are great! The director is nice and a cool man! Discos are super (thanks to Andrei :)

Food was also great! I want to say thanks to everyone!!!

P.S. Doc (Crazy Max) and Tim are the BEST!


That was my second time in camp, and I bet that I am gonna come here over and over again till this WOMDERFUL camp exists.

I want to say thank you to all-all-all leaders (especially to Sasha-Valera), Sergey Valentinovich, and of course to the great and tricky god of war, Stanislaw Anatolevich! I love you so much!!! Once you visited the camp, but is impossible to stay home and not to come back…. :)

Semen (Touch)

I like food, dance school "Drive dance", "zarnitsa" and the "Dune". Oh, I really liked banya… But I didn't like toilets, bad weather in the camp, and that curfew was so early…

My suggestions are the following: I would build a basketball ground, shooting-range. In stead of one lesson we would have two, 30 minutes each. Curfew should be at 1 a.m. and the last night until 3 a.m. Bio toilets only. Waking up at 7:30. Dance class an hour and a half each.

Vika (Princess - the duchess)

Besides nice weather and nature, I've met very nice people here, that have become my family and support, especially leaders and managers.

There is nothing you can't like in this camp. ABCity is the most exciting, the coolest, the most interesting and super place I have ever been to at my 16. The "Dune" its characters, roles, everything concerned the game is AWESOME. Special thanks to Stas and Vanya!