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Summer Town

Summer Town – это тотальное погружение в английский язык с преподавателями и аниматорами из разных стран. Главное правило программы: «Десять дней - ни слова по-русски!»

В программе могут принять участие школьники от 14 лет и студенты. Основное условие - уровень владения английским не ниже Pre-Intermediate (проверить свой уровень ты можешь здесь, также нужно будет пройти устное тестирование в нашем офисе).

Образовательная программа, состоящая из 18 увлекательных разговорных тренингов (36 часов) с носителями языка, позволит тебе: снять языковой барьер, расширить словарный запас, развить разговорные навыки и приобрести опыт общения с международной командой преподавателей. Ток-шоу, коммуникативные игры, разговорные баттлы и многое другое ждут тебя в SummerTown.


Развлекательная программа с аниматорами из разных стран включает в себя:

  • подвижные и спортивные игры со всего мира («Jungle», «Capture the Flag», «Stratego», «Fox Fight», «Mummy» и другие);
  • интеллектуальные и психологические мини-ролевые игры;
  • конкурсы, творческие задания и мини-спектакли;
  • наши собственные разработки (такие, как масштабная боевая игра «Mortal Combat» и ночная «Зарница»);
  • вечерние шоу.

Все это объединено 10-дневной ролевой игрой и проходит на английском языке.

Если ты полностью уверен в своих силах, тогда… Подумай еще раз! 10 дней говорить по-английски – это настоящее испытание, которое потребует от тебя высокого уровня владения языком и определенной психологической установки. Are you ready for Summer Town?



it was my first in summer town. I loved it so much. Espetially Santiago! He’s a good man and so funny! Also I liked the games about an inhabitant island and lessons with Betty, which helped me to improve my English. Thank you everyone for this amazing time. ST is an awesome place! O LOVE YOU!


My first impression wasn’t really good. Games seemed to be boring. I thought that people in the group don’t understand me. However some days later I started to like it. Despite some misunderstandings everything was fine. Especially I liked the last challenge. It was really cool!

The lessons were also very interesting. Games, tasks of all types and tests were good, thanks to Betty. The thing I liked most was my group. The people were funny and easy-going. Thanks to everyone!


If say true I don’t know how to begin my letter but first of all I’d like to mention that this summer was unforgettable. I came to Summer Town for rest and fun because before it I studied biology to enter biology course in MGU. Now I want to study English very hard and may be  1 or 2 languages more! For these 10 days I learned to play volleyball, met new friends, got big experience and a lot of emotions. Thank you guys and especially teachers . it’s  good that some of us live in Irkutsk, i.e. my neighbors but I think I’ll miss everyone. It’s hard to explain because now I miss my mum and my warm bed, but next week I’ll miss everything connected with this place. Thank you very much!  


Thanks to the great scout leaders Kostya and Pasha! Sometimes you were strict, sometimes I thought you were my friends from childhood. I had a lot of fun with you and enjoyed funny good games. Thousand thanks to Betty and Gloria for great lessons! I found a good way to revise words. Thank you both. I’m going to recommend Summer Town to my friends and hope to see you again. Thank you! 

Your Fox.

At first I thought that I’d be a boring trip. I saw the young people, it was terrible. Also I don’t eat the dill, that always was in the soup and I don’t like banya. But now when I’m sitting at the beach and writing this letter I understand that I had a good time. And it’s true, food was tasty, games were funny and lessons were very interesting. You’ve got very good stuff. They could help us in different situations. Thank you for everything/ I’ll miss you. 


Thank you for this summer . It was very difficult but we did it. Now I know a lot of irregular verbs and I want to come back. Moreover our company was very friendly and we’ll miss you! We liked lessons with Betty and Gloria . Santa and Denis

PS: Kostya and Pasha ! You were very cruel and we hope you’ll change your behavior, because you wrote on my body.  

PSS: we spoke Russian and we’re sorry but it was very difficult and you should understand this!

Tanya Yakovleva. 

Firstly thank you Pasha and Katya for everything. It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I can only imagine how difficult it was fro you to bear such…peopleJ the games were awesome , may be because I’m such impish person. It’s a pity that we don’t have enough tome to communicate with you but I can understand the reasons. You’re really great!  I’ll miss you!

Then the classes…they were exciting and very useful! They helped me to reuse some vocabulary and to learn some new expressions and just have fun! The place is cool ,the view is stunning, the weather was fine, even the weather was good. Thank YOU! Good luck and have fun! 


Summer Town… A lot of feelings woke if I hear these two words. Now I know that this beautiful place gave so much for me. It was a great experience of English, I checked my skills to live and communicate with different people. A lot of sun, SAND, water…it was great!

But about main program it was useless. What for we should play all the games if it doesn’t matter  help it us or not. It was foolish. It was very funny and interesting to play all the games but…

Lessons were so great and interesting that I can’t find the words. I’ve never thought about these topics of lessons but you did it! Well don! Actually it was very funny and interesting for me. I’ll miss you and this place. Thanks for everything. :) 


Hello, leaders and bosses!

I’m writing from another planet to thank you for wonderful 10 days spent here. You know it’s my 5th visiting of this amazing place. I’ve got different emotions you know. Starting from bad: I feel sorry and regret that I didn’t take part in all activities you offered. I won’t try to find any approvements for myself. Your games were really cool and you did all possible things to make us happy! In spite of this fact I’ve got a great experience of how to group people, how to organize them and make them work. I thought that previous sessions ( I mean 2007,2009,2010 and 2011) were cool, but now I know for sure this one was the coolest. And again thank you for that. You were very kind to me and all my students (even Santa). As for lessons with Betty and Gloria they were really fantastic. Again everything is known in comparison and it’s really so. I’ve never got such information before. Great thanks to our teachers  fro everything. Taking into consideration our canteen and banya I again want to thank everyone working here. Unfortunately emotions are playing now  and even there are some tears in my eyes. That’s why it’s better to end this letter and at the end I have nothing to say but THANKS TO ALL STUFF working here. I’ll miss ST a lot! It’s my last visiting, sorry to say but I’ve got only good memories. 

Kate Fedorova.


I’d like to say that the first four days were rather difficult for me. It can be compared as if go fighting with water gun. I learned English the worst of all. Next 5 days I understood that I was able to do everything if I want it. Kostya’s, Pasha’s, Betty’s and  Gloria’s  help was very valuable. Thanks to them I believed in myself, found good friends and got excellent experience. I will never forget Summer Town, my new friends, team leaders and teachers. They are the best and I love all of them very much! Unfortunately I can’t stop the time and stay in that paradise a little bit more, because these 10 days were amazing for me. 

Sofia Iudina.

Hi, I’m here for the second time. So, of course I like this camp a lot. If to compare this year and the previous one , 2011 was a little bit better. The games were all connected and had some sense. This year they were a little bit mixed and the last one only mattered. But still I had fun. The best games are with riddles, although our team didn’t manage with them. Lessons are wonderful as always in ABC. Food is tasty, but too not, though it isn’t a big deal. We had some problems with banya. We had to share it with ABCity. But it’s far… Banya men are good guys.

DJ was rather strange. He didn’t want to switch the music for us. It’s a bumer.

The team leaders are  cheerful and very patient. Thanks them for all their work, creativity and kindness to us. Final thanks to you Kostya, Pasha, Betty, Gloria, cooks, Banya men, DJ, security guys and all the others who made our time at the camp unforgettable and really pleasant! I hope I’ll manage to come here next summer. So see you later. 


As for me it was for the first time to be in such camp. I lived in a tent but not so much time. Anyway it was easy to adopt here. Everything was cool. Daytime seemed to pass fastly, because there were a lot of entertainment and activities. Speaking about food, well, I think I added to myself some kilos, because at home I don’t usually eat so much, such big portions.

Lessons were interesting, They weren’t like in my institute, so may be that’s why they were interesting. And of course I had a chance to talk to foreigners. I tried to speak English all the time, I used Russian too. I admit it . I’m sorry J

It was a great practice for me! Thank you! Kostya.


From the height of my age I want to thank God for the pleasure to be surrounded by so clever youth and by excellently speaking team leaders (Kostya and Pasha). Betty is a gift for all of us – embodiment of a real English teacher (her bearing and sporty body is a subject of our conversation). Her voice and especially intonation is worth listening and recording. From her I’ll try to adopt the habit to brush teeth for 10 minutes though it won’t be easy. Meeting her is a great stimulus for me to perfect English. She’s a mixture of high self-conceit and the modesty of Turgenev’s girls. Let her be saved by God. Let her be favored by luck. Conclusion: Something not very pleasant. The camp stuff’s limits are sometimes ridiculous. They often “overbend the stick” by treating us the women of 40-50 the same way as young people.


Hi everybody who is reading this letter! It’s my second time in Summer Town so I always have been comparing these 2 sessions. First five days weren’t really good. I think it’s because we had really few games and activities, but a lot of free time. Second part of the session was the best 5 days of my summer. I loved everything: lessons, weather, nature, neighbors’, team leaders, “contact”, games, our fireplace. I liked “nuclear war” and “chuck the chicken” especially. And I can’t help mention the atmosphere. Thank you Kostya, Pasha, Betty, Gloria and everybody who took care about us, who helped us to solve our problems, who gave us their positive every day. I think I haven’t eber seen so many smiles in 10 days. I will miss so many people. 2012 is definitely better than 2011. It was PERFECT! If I had a chance I’d like to stay!


Games are really active. I love it! Roles games are creative and unusual. I like them! Disco was good. It warmed us up in the cold evenings! Lessons in Summer Town are out of this world? Especially Paul`s lessons? Banya was our favorite place! We loved it so much. Banyamen were good guys, they understand us better than anybody else? Lynch, you are the best from the best from the best from the best…

Tom (5 сезон)

Игры – КЛАСССС! Веселые, активные…, ну просто супер! Ron жжет! На зарнице я был за красных (спецназ) – мы выиграли! Ура!


Paul – лютый тип, Ron – крут и Линч THE BEST! P.S. Спасибо дяде Толе за тренировки!


Lynch ваще классный чувак, игры классные, как всегда! «Indians and Cowboys» - очень хорошая и интересная ролевая игра. Lessons are very interesting, I really like them!


Пожалуй, лучших вожатых и пожелать нельзя. Особенно благодарна Линчу за то, что научил лично меня не бояться промахнуться и быть более собранной. Уроки были потрясающе интересными, правда!


Уроки очень понравились. Спасибо Полу и Дэвиду за то, что показали разные стороны английского (американский и британский).


Баня очень удобная: идешь когда надо – для лагеря просто красота!!! А если бы был душ, то вообще как в 5-звездочной гостинице… Спасибо вам, ребята – все было классно!


I had a wonderful time at ABC Camp. I met some really nice people, learned a lot, and surely I’ll come here next year! Thank you, ABC!

Elvira (Sandra)

I'd like to say "thank you" to all people who participated in the creating this camp because it is obvious that you've made a great job. And the fact that a great number of students returns here again needs no comments. I spend here a great time and I hope it wasn't my last visit. Thank you very much to everyone!!!

Everyone visits this camp to spend wonderful time because it is situated in a very beautiful place. But the main thing is that people here are very friendly, everybody is ready to help you and to talk with you. It is very important.

Dasha (Salma)

Teachers are cool according to their professional and human qualities. Everything is super! I'm thankful to all of you!!! Thank you!

Katya Meng (Andria)

I had the great time in this camp! I love it! Thank you for it.

Moiseeva Tatiana (Kia)

These are the best holidays in my life! Thank you!

Ksenia (Mea)

I like almost everything. We have got all what we want here. All what we need. Wonderful weather, excellent people, fantastic chatting and practicing English. I liked weather and of course game time with our leaders - Debo & Chucks. They were the best of the best among the best =)

I love Summer Town. Forever. Thank you.