Vacancies for international students in ABC camp on Lake Baikal
Vacancies for international students in ABC camp on Lake Baikal: Entertainer (animators) Requirements: good communication and organizational skills (outdoor games, shows, quizzes, team-building, etc.)...

ABC Camp on Lake Baikal is a project with a rich history and a unique work experience.


The first tent camp was set ten years ago not far from the bay Proval in a very beautiful place famous for its white sandy beach and rather warm water. It became a good opportunity for those who wanted to practice English in summertime.

For the first time young people from Irkutsk had an opportunity to combine rest and communication with native speakers from England, Canada, and the USA.

Every summer the program improved and the camp became bigger and bigger. Schoolchildren and students not only from Irkutsk Region but other regions of Russia came to have a rest here.

The camp has become a real tent town. There is a cozy dining area with four meals, tents for games and summerhouses for classes, a radio cabin, a bathhouse, a volleyball pitch, and a soccer field. Campers live in the tents made by leading producers of sports outfit.

Besides the immersive learning of English which is «Summer Town», new fascinating activities have appeared such as an educative-entertaining program «АBCity» for schoolchildren.

Characteristic feature of all activities is a rich entertaining program. Think over, have you played lately? No, not at home in front of the computer. But a real game? Only at ABC Camp you can participate in breath-taking games from all over the world. They are old-Russian “Lapta” and “Chekhorda”, Indian “Sticks”, American “Capture the flag” and many others.

We have elaborated some own unique game projects such as “Mortal Combat” and night-time “Zarnitsa”. Our ‘Zarnitsa” is as not as that one which you played in pioneer camps. There is no chasing but an unpredictable plot, mysterious and mythic creatures, mine fields, subversives and spies, merciless Berserk and Great God of War. On the whole adrenalin rush and a plenty of impressions are guaranteed.

Moreover all the programs include sporting competitions, creative contests and foot tapping dances on the beach.