What to Bring with You?


What you NEED to have:

  1. Clean warm extra clothes set to sleep in.
  2. Sunhat or cap - Even in the shade on a hot day, the air temperature may not be lower than 30°С (85°F.) In this type of weather one could easily experience sunstroke without a hat of some kind.
  3. Extra pairs of shoes - It would be best to bring with you three different pairs: one pair of slippers or "flip-flops", one pair of tennis shoes for sport type games and a pair of waterproof boots or goulashes in case of rain.
  4. Warm clothing - the weather on Baikal is unpredictable and very quick to change. During the day it can be very hot, but in the evening quite cool. There will be chilly days so we recommend that you prepare accordingly for these.
  5. Rain suit or rain coat - This will keep you from the probability of a "depressing moment" when it does rain. In fact, there is nothing worse than getting all of your clothes soaking wet after a short rainy spell and, as a result, spoiling your mood for the rest of the day.
  6. Personal hygienic items and toiletries - The camp administration will provide soap and toilet paper for the campers. This means that everything else you will need for your personal healthcare, you must bring along with you.
  7. Flashlight with an extra set of batteries - The camp is not illuminated at night. Therefore, after nightfall when you return to your tent from the disco, you may not notice the pine tree right in front of you… :)
  8. Personal Medication - There is a doctor with first aid supplies and emergency medicine within the camp. However, it is not possible to anticipate everything. So, if you know of some kind or type of medicine that you must have, it would be best to make sure you bring it with you.
  9. A notebook and a pencil for classes - If you go to a camp in which an educational program is provided (this refers to ABCity, Summer Town and China Town these items will by all means be needed for updating your personal dictionary and for completing other entertaining activities.
  10. Passport - This is just in case, for instance, you have to prove to the Administration that you are an adult and that you take responsibility for yourself.
  11. A sack lunch for the road trip - The bus ride to camp is usually about 8-9 hours, and as a rule, that is enough time to get pretty hungry. There will be three different stops along the way at which time you may purchase a piroshky or something little to munch on at a roadside cafe, but what can be better than homemade sandwiches and berry juice?

We recommend that you have:

  1. Camera - You will definitely want to take pictures of the unique nature surroundings of Baikal and of your new friends in order to show all your friends later on. What will you show them if you forgot your camera at home? Therefore, it is one of the most necessary items at camp!
  2. Swimsuit - When the water warms up and everyone goes swimming, you too will certainly want to follow their example.
  3. Sunscreen - Many people do not know how to sunbath correctly. Frequently, they will spend many hours on the beach, and could therefore spoil their time of relaxation with the continuing miserable after-effects of a sun burn. Sunscreen will help make your recreation more comfortable.
  4. Sunglasses - On a sunny day the white sand can really blind your eyes.
  5. Insect repellant - Let the insects fear you and bite someone else!

We do not recommend that you bring with you:

  1. Portable electronic items and other expensive things - You cannot place a padlock on the tent, nor can you put security bars on its windows. Therefore, in order not to worry about your ultra-expensive cell phone, pocket computer or Swiss watch being left without supervision, it would be best to leave these things at home. Moreover, at camp sand is everywhere and can very easily ruin all MP3 players, notebook computers and any other "wonders" of electronics.
  2. Formal attire - This is a completely unnecessary item at camp. It is not even possible to iron anything (because there is no electricity at camp) let alone being inconvenient to walk around in the sand with high-heeled shoes.
  3. Any other electronic devices - They will take up extra space in your luggage and there will be little opportunity to use them.