Summer Town

  Summer Town is the immersive learning of English with teachers and animators from England, Canada, and the USA. The main rule of the program is “Not a word in Russian during ten days.”

15–year old teenagers and adults can participate in this program. Basic condition is to have a level of English not lower Pre-Intermediate (you can define your level here. You are also supposed to have a test of spoken English).

  • Educational program consisting of 40 hours of entertaining trainings will let you overcome a language barrier, enrich your vocabulary, develop your speaking skills, and obtain experience in communication with an international team of teachers.
  • Entertaining program includes
    • active and sports games from all over the world (“Jungle”, “Capture the Flag”, “Stratego”, “Fox Fight”, “Mummy” and many others).
    • our own elaborations (such as a scale action game Mortal Combat and a night-time “Zarnitsa”).
    • evening time shows.

All this is united by one idea (this is a role play of 2010 “In the Wild West”) and held in English.

If you are completely confident in your strength then…think over one more time! To speak only English during 10 days is a real trial. A high level of English and a mental set are needed here. Are you ready for Summer Town?

Role-play game “Lost”, 2012

"Lost” – the game which is based on a cult American TV series - adventures of a castaway. In the focus of the plot is the story of the airway flight passengers crashed and turned out on the full of mysteries and secrets tropical island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Every day of this adventure, as in the film, carries loads of new discoveries and impacts directly on tomorrow’s affairs.

 You should divide into two group, each of which is going to its final goal, overcoming different difficulties on their way. But only one team would be able to leave the island… All that you need to survive are the trials by the forces of fire, water, air and ground, desire to the perfection above the competitors, solving the riddles left by the unknown inhabitants. 




Games are really active. I love it! Roles games are creative and unusual. I like them! Disco was good. It warmed us up in the cold evenings! Lessons in Summer Town are out of this world? Especially Paul`s lessons? Banya was our favorite place! We loved it so much. Banyamen were good guys, they understand us better than anybody else? Lynch, you are the best from the best from the best from the best…

Elvira (Sandra)

I'd like to say "thank you" to all people who participated in the creating this camp because it is obvious that you've made a great job. And the fact that a great number of students returns here again needs no comments. I spend here a great time and I hope it wasn't my last visit. Thank you very much to everyone!!!

Everyone visits this camp to spend wonderful time because it is situated in a very beautiful place. But the main thing is that people here are very friendly, everybody is ready to help you and to talk with you. It is very important.

Dasha (Salma)

Teachers are cool according to their professional and human qualities. Everything is super! I'm thankful to all of you!!! Thank you!

Katya Meng (Andria)

I had the great time in this camp! I love it! Thank you for it.

Moiseeva Tatiana (Kia)

These are the best holidays in my life! Thank you!

Ksenia (Mea)

I like almost everything. We have got all what we want here. All what we need. Wonderful weather, excellent people, fantastic chatting and practicing English. I liked weather and of course game time with our leaders - Debo & Chucks. They were the best of the best among the best =)

I love Summer Town. Forever. Thank you.