Reviews in 2011


Summer Town 


Summer Town is a really wonderful place! In this camp there are funny and interesting game times and is important that people were friendly and talkative. I like it and I`m going to visit it in the next year, but unfortunately not all days were so bright and unforgettable. Food was okay but we were waiting our food from shop for 2 days. We liked banya very much because it was a pleasure to wash every day. Lessons were interesting!:)

Vlad, 6 season

Banya is better than in ABCity. Teachers are the best. I love you BettyJ Games are generally good? But it`s need more details for example (rating, presents, one plot of story). I like Summer Town and I happy that we had such time like Linch Time, because it`s great to training on the nature with fresh airs. Thank you LinchJ What about lessons, I think that you should give us more words and order to write everything and more free timeJ Unfortunately we were not so friendly. I think that last seasons were better, because I know and I saw when I was in ABCity, that Summer Town people stand for each other and they didn`t betray.


This season was very-very funny. I want say that Alex is a great teacher. Lessons were interesting and I know that many important things. I met good people in this camp and will miss (very-very). I`ll remember how we played “Zarnica”/ Oh, it`s was best time! In next year, I want again visit camp. We love you Sasha, Pasha, Alex, and Claudio! Remember us!:) I GLAD TO MEET YOU!


Hello, Everybody! I am Kate. I like this camp very much! I had a great time here!!! I have a lot of emotions. I like people here and an atmosphere here. Especially when it is the end of our trip I have a lot of fillings and memories. Thank.

Alena, 3 season 2011

Summer Town is very cool place for studying English, having fun, making friends. I really like it. It was awesome. I think that games were interesting? But meal, not very good. I would like to visit this place again. For me lessons were funny and amazing. I like Betty and Alex. They are very cool teachers. They are the Best. I like bunya, our doctor and cookers, fire-place, friends in ST. I don`t see disadvantages. I love you Summer Town!

Hokku about Summer Town episode 6

Waves split rocks
Years and years of work
And all were pretty lazy

Forest sands still
No wind come through branches
Time to wash hands

Shut up! Quest!
The sun glides on the sky
Stretching time 

Banya-man is chopping woods
Children are doing push ups
To speak English isn`t so difficult 

Actually it`s my first time when I come to the summer camp and it`s a big luck that it`s Summer Town! It`s amazing! It`s like a big family!
I enjoyed Summer Town very much. In my opinion it`s the best place on the planet. Firstly, here`s exciting, beautiful nature. It is a perfect feeling when you watch sun which is setting in Baikal and after that sky becomes dark blue and there are a lot of stars! I`ve never seen so many stars in Irkutsk.
Secondly, time here runs very fast. I think it`s because of games which we played every day. And now I understand I will miss Lynch time. Lynch is the best leader! He invented many games. I enjoyed baseball, mortal combat and all other games.
Thirdly, there were interesting lessons. They are not like in schools- they are exciting. I enjoyed Alex`s lessons very much. He discussed with us themes which are important. 
There is very tasty food. We love condensed milk!) I hate banya but here I loved it especially on one of the raining days- there was very warm))
And finally, showtime…mmmm… It was always improvisation but Lynch gave us funny tasks and everything was very interesting.
I have only good memories from Summer Town! Smile:)
I like Summer Town very much! I`m glad to be here again. There were unforgettable days. I enjoyed almost everything! The lessons were interesting, the banya was nice, the teachers were fine and the tents are also good. And if to be honest, Lynch time was very useful for us. I will miss this camp and especially you, Lynch! Best wishes, Galya.
4th session
Thanks everybody workers far all! The time with you was very interesting and unusual for me. Lessons are the best! But now I want these lessons weren’t so short! Alex, you’re the best teacher! Lynch – thank you for push-ups and sit-ups! It’s really good for everyone! I’ll continue to do them at home. All games were very interesting. And I think 10 days are not enough! Banya - the best! Kitchen – the best! 
Thanks !
Best wishes, Misha. 4th session.
The one thing I didn’t like was the weather – it was cold! I like hot weather like in Texas :) Noe Lynch brought the brooms and said it’s our game-time :) Thanks everybody for very good time! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Lena, 4th session
I want to say that everything was perfect/ And I’m really happy that I was here! I liked lessons with Alex and Betty and games with Lynch. May be the weather wasn’t so good, but people around mean more for me. That’s why I wanna say thank you to everyone! 4th session I liked:
  • Very creative games – and sometimes crazy (chuck the chicken, baseball, mortal combat) - I’ve never played them before!
  • Banya
  • Food
  • PEOPLE – interesting, creative, smart, kind, funny
  • Sit-ups :) (stone buttom, strong legs, muscular Bett) – it’s very important
  • Fresh air
  • Impossible to charge cell phones
  • I’d prefer show time over the day (to have free time to prepare)
  • More sun
  • I’d prefer to swim without a cloud of children
4th session
It was terrific, great, amazing … Alex and Betty are very-very wonderful teachers. The lessons were funny and interesting! I knew a lot of new things. English is the best! I wish you to visit other Russian places, I’m sure you’ll like them! Summer Town is the best place in the world! I liked everything. I want to come here again and again! 
4th session
Hey everybody!
I like this camp so much. All guys are amazing and interesting. I don’t wanna go home, because it’s boring there. I’ll never forget about these people – our teachers Ale x and Betty. Thank you for your lessons! You’re the best teachers in the world. I wanna communicate with you every day! I believe I’ll meet these people in future, bur it’s almost impossible. Everything that happened here means a lot for me,,, I’ll miss you guys… Lynch, thank you! You’re very brave, that you aren’t afraid of these crazy teenagers! You’re the most amazing person!
4th session
I really liked all the 10 days we spent here. Games, lessons, food, even banya… Everything was active, interesting, unusual and unforgettable. Probably the only sad thing was the weather. But anyway it couldn’t spoil our mood and our plans! The atmosphere in Summer Town is warm and friendly, partly because of the teachers. Actually when I was coming here I had a completely different picture in my mind. I didn’t expect so many wonderful games and warm tents with sleeping bags. So I’m not disappointed at all! But opposite, very happy to be here. I want to come back next summer.
Thank all stuff for our great rest without any worries and troubles.
PS: thanks for “Snickers” and “Coca-cola”
4th session
Good lessons, delicious food, nice banya, friendly interesting people, cool crazy games – EVERYTHING is OK, BUT the weather – too cold, too windy, too rainy!
PS Thanks everybody for good rest.
Kate 4th session
Most of all I liked lessons and logic games. Sport time was also very good, but I’m not a sportsman at all. It was so difficult for me.
Also I liked the atmosphere of union and cooperation. I’d like to spend more time with teachers not only during lesson-time. There might be “near-fire conversations”. It’s very interesting to learn about the teacher’s impressions about Russia and some facts about England and the USA. 
I’d like to thank Lynch million times. He’s an example of a person who’s really devoted to his work.And he he magnificent sense of humor! All events and things in the camp were great! Thank you!
Dear Alex, Betty and Lynch!
Thank you for your lessons. I understand that I must learn and study my English better and I promise it! I began to do it very late… Thank you for you Attention! I wish ypu a cool mood, worm weather without rain and wind! Good luck in your hard work! May be see you later! And I’ll begin to speak English.
Take care!